Five on Friday – Link Up

I thought it would be fun to get involved with some other bloggers…. so here it goes!1 – Upcoming ‘Friendsgiving’ Celebration eInvites via PaperlessPost! We are hosting a dinner for everyone in our Village (read: our church’s word for ‘small group’) two days before actual thanksgiving, since most of us won’t be here! I am… Continue reading Five on Friday – Link Up

Gifts Ideas for Him

I’m sure I can’t be the only one around here who has a husband I find difficult to shop for.First of all, he’s extremely practical (unless it comes to cars and motorcycles!).He’s picky.And if he wanted it, he probably bought it for himself already!Not to mention…. our anniversary, his birthday, and Christmas are all within… Continue reading Gifts Ideas for Him

Wanderlust Wednesday: Iceland

Yes – ICELAND. I never thought much about Iceland until I met a girl named Vera when I worked at Quiksilver in London. She was Icelandic. And the most beautiful person I’d ever seen in real life! Perfect skin, tall, gorgeous hair, bright blue eyes and perfect pink lips. Not fair. After that i figured… Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Iceland

Friday Favorites

I’ve never done a Friday Favorites blog… but a lot of my favorite blogger friends do! (check out Ashlee, Maria, and Alicia) 1 – Finishing my Second 10K! Post Run! For all of you Marathon and Half Marathon runners out there… i know a 10K is really nothing. To be exact, it’s a 1/4 Marathon… Continue reading Friday Favorites


I love birthdays. I don’t know when exactly this birthday fasination started… But I love them. And i’m lucky, i get to share mine with one of my best friends! Which means we’ve gotten to make a big deal of our birthdays since we started celebrating together… when we were 19. Which is the only… Continue reading Birthdays

The Resolution Revolution

To Resolve. Seems a bit daunting, doesn’t it? There’s something about the term “New Year’s Revolutions” that i’ve never liked. I’m all for betterment of self, making changes, and getting a clean slate. However, i just don’t think that the new year makes me what to instantly do all of those things. To Resolve: to… Continue reading The Resolution Revolution