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Friday Favorites

I’ve never done a Friday Favorites blog… but a lot of my favorite blogger friends do! (check out Ashlee, Maria, and Alicia)
1 – Finishing my Second 10K!
Post Run!
For all of you Marathon and Half Marathon runners out there… i know a 10K is really nothing. To be exact, it’s a 1/4 Marathon 🙂
But it’s still a great feeling to know you cross the finish line, knowing you did it! I’ve been running (on and off) since i was 14, and up until a year ago, the furthest i’d ever run was a 5K. And mentally, i didn’t really feel like doing much more. But once i started training, i realized i could totally do it… and did!
Race Day 2010!
This year, with the craziness of moving and the rest of life, i hadn’t carved out much time to hit the pavement. So the week of, we tried out a 4 mile run and it went well! 6 miles that Saturday turned out great!

Although it took me 7 more minutes to finish this year, i felt AMAZING at the end of the race and even talked Tara’s ear off for the last three miles. I NEVER talk when i run! So that was accomplishment enough for me.

Our Coffee Bar Team

Over the past three years, it has become tradition that i go to Chicago for Halloween. Or as Chicago calls it…. Chicagoween. (good one, chicago 🙂 We spend weeks prior to the trip planning and constructing our costumes.
Chicagoween 2009 –  Swine Flu (get it? 🙂
Chicagoween 2010 – Peter Pan and a Trophy Wife
The original plan for 2010 was to be M&M’s… but after we started buying all the accessories to amke the outfits, we were sick of spending money – so we retunred them all, and made costumes from our closet! Everything you see here we owned… with the exception of the sward and trophy 🙂
We’ve got our plan for this year, and are finishing costumes this weekend! You’ll have to stay tuned to see how they turn out 🙂
3 – Scarf Season is here!!!

this is a pathetic collection compared to mine 🙂
Cold weather is my favorite! All my fall/winter clothes are my favorite. i feel most fashionable in layers. It was a crisp 57 this morning, and i’m in love! Just so you all know, i’m fully aware that 57 is not that cold – but it was in the low 90’s last week, and it doesn’t have to be very cold… as long as it’s not very hot 🙂
Last year i fell in love with Cowl neck scarves, and i’m happy to report they are VERY much in style this year as well. They’re actually popping up all over the place. The one i’m wanting to get my hands on more than ANYTHING, is the FashionABLE Mulu Infinity Scarf (in every color, if i had my choice!)
yay, scarves!!!!
And for those of you with a problem with my scarf addiction, i’ll just have you know that i already have 2 trips planned to the cold weather…. so they will get good use 🙂
4 – Music that sounds like Winter
I adore a good seasonal playlist! These are a few favorites over the years that make me think of cold weather (or remind me of times in cold weather):
Bloc Party – “Signs”, “Biko”
Bon Iver – “Lump Sum”, “For Emma”, “Flume”, “Rosyln”
Jimmy Eat World – “Ten”
Death Cab – “Tiny Vessels”, “Transatlanticism”
Frou Frou/Imogene Heap – “Let Go”, “Just For Now” (if you’ve ever seen the Holiday – you know what i’m talkin about!)
Snow Patrol – “”Make This Go On Foverer”, “Run”, “You Could Be Happy”, “Set Fire to the Third Bar”
Juliana Theory – “White Days”
Postal Service – “This Place is a Prison”
Copeland – “When You Never Thought You’d Stand Out”, “The Last Time He Saw Dorrie”, I’m Safer on an Airplane”
Damien Rice – “Cheers, Darlin'”, “Cold Water”
That’s a lot of them… but i’ll continue to add more. Check out Winterymix (the full playlist on my Spotify Account)
5 – Bob and Mary, my new roommates (aka, my parents)
No pics of them handy… but they’re awesome. Everyone always dreads the idea of living at home (myself included) but it’s been nice to see them. Even if it’s just for a few minutes in the morning.
That’s all! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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