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Gifts Ideas for Him

I’m sure I can’t be the only one around here who has a husband I find difficult to shop for.

First of all, he’s extremely practical (unless it comes to cars and motorcycles!).
He’s picky.
And if he wanted it, he probably bought it for himself already!

Not to mention…. our anniversary, his birthday, and Christmas are all within a microscopic six-week window.

What’s a girl to do?

I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find some ideas of what to get my hard-to-gift guy, and this is what i’ve come up with.

The Gift of Drink

Whisky Stones – $20

buy here
These little stones keep your whisky cool without watering it down. An excellent invention.


IPA Beer Making Kit – $45
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Williams-Sonoma knew what they were doing – now tempting your guy in for a cooking class won’t be so hard if he knows they sell Beer Making Kits! Perfect for a guy who loves to do it himself or try new things, who also likes beer. Win-win.

The Gift of Travel Accessories

Patagonia Fuego Backpack – $89
buy here

This 32L backpack is great for hiking, a weekend trip, or a good carry on. The size is great for the price, as a lot of more technical backpacks are north of $150. This is a steal.


Everlane’s Reverse Denim Weekender Bag – $95
buy here
This bag is beautifully crafted, and is the perfect carry on size for a weekend tote. The best part about this bag (in my opinion) is that you can steal it from time to time and use as your own weekend tote! I’m particularly fond of the reverse denim, it looks so sleek and unisex.

The Gift of Technology 

iPod Nano Watch Set – $24 (Would make sense if he already has a Nano)
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This is one of the most practical gifts for guys! Perfect for a traveler or a runner. The wrist band attaches perfectly to your iPod Nano and appears to be a normal watch… until you’re ready to listen to music! There are many varieties of color and style. This leather one sticks out to me because it can easily go from guys night, to an important meeting, to date night with you. Matt particularly is a watch fanatic, so this invention might save me!


Roku Streaming Device – $49
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Roku is a great little device for those of us that have Nexflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime but don’t have an XBOX to stream them through our TV. Roku changes all that. Simply hook up to your TV and choose your ‘channels’, and you’re good to go! A common misconception is that you pay for a Roku subscription, and that isn’t true. You only pay for the services you want (Hulu, Netflix, etc). Bonus, you can rent movies on Amazon (from a computer) and then view them from your TV as well. Goodbye expensive iTunes rentals and sifting through awful Redbox options! Who need cable, after all?

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Beer of the Month Club – $24/month

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New craft beers get delivered every month. He will of course love you forever, and probably start checking the mail daily.


Birchbox for Men – $20/month
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I personally LOVE getting my Birchbox every month (confession: i’m a beauty product addict!), all of the samples are so fun. And they lead me to new products i’ve been missing out on! The boy-box is similar, but they actually get less product and more ‘stuff’. Friends have received sunglasses, journals, wallets and more. It’s a steal at $20 a month.

Do you have a hard to shop for spouse or boyfriend? I’m open to any ideas!