First Anniversary

A year ago, this happened

For some reason, my favorite pictures from our wedding are the candid ones. Probably because i’m better at acting normal than trying to pose 🙂

I was going to write a long story, but i am truly no expert and I won’t know if my advise is any good until it’s been tried about for about 20-30 years. So i’ll hit you back then. 

I will say that I’ve learned a TON this year about myself, Matt, and marriage in general these last 365 days. 

Our first year was admittedly not hard. It was a lot of fun. Full of random weekend travels, breakfast dates, our first pet, remodeling (blah!), community, and a lot of laughter, sprinkled in with learning, misunderstandings, attitudes and selfishness. I know we’ll face our big trials sometime and I welcome them – because I know what we have is worth fighting for.

Happy Anniversary, my love. You are my favorite thing.
(Some extra wedding photos are located here)