Where We Stayed: New Zealand Edition

When we travel, we’re not really consistent in the type of lodging we stay in. We definitely make decisions based on what type of trip it is, location, price, etc! Sometimes it’s Airbnb, sometimes it’s a hotel, sometimes it’s a friends spare bedroom or couch 🙂 I was recently asked about where we stayed in… Continue reading Where We Stayed: New Zealand Edition

My Dream Dinner Destination

Food & travel certainly go hand in hand. We’re always looking to try new & traditional foods when we visit new places! After all, what is Seattle without its coffee, Philly without its cheesesteaks, or NYC without pizza & bagels?!  When I think of my dream dinner destination… I can’t pick just one. SO I… Continue reading My Dream Dinner Destination

Recap of 2014 Travel

PLACES WE WENT IN 2014Seattle, WA (January, April & September… yes, three different times) Bourbon Trail, KT (February) Victoria, BC (April) NYC (May & August) Atlanta, GA (May) Washington, DC (May) & Wichita, KS (May)… in the same day. Ithaca, NY (June & August, work trips) Chicago, IL (June & October) Sanibel, FL (All of July… Continue reading Recap of 2014 Travel