Color Prediction

It dawned on me that i have a new color combo that i love – pink and grey. More specifically, Honeysuckle and Cool Gray (via Pantone).

If done properly, it’s GORGEOUS together. If done inproperly, it looks like goth punk argyle from 2002. So be advised 🙂 The pink can’t be TOO bright (if this borders on an orangy pink, don’t do it!).
But go figure, the color of the year catches my eye once again, and is teamed up with my old friend, slate grey. 
I had this revelation in jCrew today. and i’ve been thinking about it all evening. 
Before i was looking at my handy dandy Pantone color chart, i was calling this combo slate and salmon – close enough? 
some other great complimentary colors! i’ve also been digging honeysuckle and that royal blue. so pretty!
I’m not promising this will be the same amazing trend that mustard yellow, dark purple, and grey were in my life (and the lives of many others), but i will say that i’m pretty set on getting some of this combo in my life ASAP. So if it gets really popular, you heard it here first.