Music Monday

Twitter hashtag of #musicmonday is always a favorite of mine! So i figured i’d share my crazy wacky album line up over the last couple of weeks.

1. Bon Iver (Self Titled)

Still trying to figure out if i’m as obsessed with this album as i thought i’d be. But i keep giving it second chances. I think as long as i skip Beth/Rest, i’m ok. But this is by far my favorite track up until now:

Hinnom, TX (Bon Iver, Bon Iver)

any opinions out there? love, hate, indifferent? I’m glad i had a little time in the pre release to form my own opinions before everyone else told me what they thought. thanks to Nick Sammons for the assistance in music from time to time 🙂

2. Jon Foreman – Limbs and Branches

I got a random text from a friend asking if i knew Jon Foreman… to which i replied “No, i don’t think i know him”. I didn’t think very hard, because i didn’t realize he was talking about Switchfoot’s lead singer… not a mutual friend.

Apparently foreman has a handful of solo albums, all a little more folky and accoustic than Switchfoot typically goes. However, the song on the album i keep coming back to has the most intense beat out of all the tracks:

Resurrect Me (Jon Foreman, Limbs and Branches)

Check out the rest of the album if you haven’t already. And don’t let the idea of Switchfoot be the deciding factor in if you listen to this album or not (if that opinion is positive or negative 🙂

3. Lady Antabellum – iTunes Sessions

For everyone who has ever known me – i am not a country music fan. Close friends of mine have been trying to get me to cave for years, and i just plain cannot do it. However, i love music; regareless of style i can completely appreciate good musicians, singers, artists, and writers – so i’m not hating on the amazing talent that country music has to offer (ie, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, etc etc etc! love them, it’s just not my thing 🙂 That being said, I also love a good guy/girl harmony, and Lady A just happens to deliver a minimum amount of twang, with gorgeous harmony sprinkled in. Plus, raw talent (writing, music, and singing!) – so i’m sold. I downloaded the iTunes Sessions (which has about 7 songs, mostly radio hits) and i’m obsessed! They also covered one of my favorite songs growing up….. so they get even more bonus points:

Learning to Fly [Tom Petty Cover] – Lady A, iTunes Sessions

4. Hillsong United – Aftermath

Where do i even start? Hands down, one of my favorite bands on the planet. I can’t quite tell you what it is – but every time i hear a song that i love, it turns out to be a Hillsong song. Always amazing. Since that’s the case, and i was so in love with their last album (A Beautiful Exchange), i was hesitant to buy this one, for fear of disappointment. However, Alicia made me a mixed cd (yes, we still do that), and it had some amazing stuff on it… which turned out to be tracks from Aftermath, the most recent Hillsong project. This song is the song i keep coming back to, and it is SO Hillsong in my opinion!

Take Heart (Hillsong United, Aftermath)

5. Jason Walker – Down

Ok, so this one isn’t an album. But it’s one of those weird moments when you’re listening to a pandora station, and something out of the blue comes on (ie, “All Star” by Smashmouth on a Copeland Pandora station – yes, this has happened to me) – but in a good way. I was listening to Lydia Pandora; a station i’ve thumbs up/down so much and added and taken away so many genres over the past two years, it’s pretty much a hand crafted station of everything i love. A couple of weeks ago, i heard Jason Walkers song, and a few days later it came on again, so i finally downloaded it. ONce again with the guy/girl harmony – i’m in! I believe it was featured on a WB show recently, so i’m guessing he’ll get pretty famous soon. Check it out, i love their voices.

Down (Jason Walker)

For anyone interested, i’ve linked each of the names of the bands to iTunes/Amazon for your purchasing pleasure! Actually i went a little link crazy in this post. so feel free to explore!

I also just realized how random this music selection is – but i guess you gotta mix it up! Happy Music Monday! Anyone have any new recs for me?


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  1. I love that Hillsong song. I assume you've already discovered The Beautiful Exchange? Jay introduced me to Bethel Live and I like their song "Thirst." Thanks for the Jason Walker song, I love it 🙂

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