Current Addictions – June Edition

Hi Everyone! I’m back. Back in Florida for an entire week now. It’s been kind of nice have no plans for the past few nights. it’s very unlike me to actually do nothing… but i’m trying to embrace it here and there 🙂 But i thought… it’s probably time to blog again.

So here i am! I figured i’d break you in easy with an update – my current obsessions! The things i am….

DOING: Working. A lot. I just landed a brand new account 2 weeks ago and was made point person on another new account this Tuesday. Big stuff! Not to mention i wasn’t exactly struggling to fill in the gaps during my work day…. so i’ve been working late. But that’s ok! It’s nice to feel like you’re good at what you do, right? 🙂

I’ve also been seeing my girls. a lot! I’m kind of obsessed with my friends. Especially the ones I don’t get to see on a weekly basis. But i’ve been quite spoiled the past month, and we’ve managed to squeeze in a few visits.

Casey visited in late April
Casey, Kim and i, visiting Ash in Chicago over Memorial Day (slash Ashley’s Birthday)
Kim, E, and I on Sanibel a couple of weekends ago

and next weekend, i get to go here with Kim….

The Ritz Carlton. Sarasota.

Yes, that’s RIGHT. Staying at the Ritz, baby!!! We’ll put that on the list with “things i never thought i’d actually do” with skydiving and eating calamari.


Fresh basil. Any chance i get. It’s so yummy and makes everything a little better!


Dresses. it’s too hot to wear anything else. And a right handed ring. It’s started to feel like i’m naked without a nice big ring on my right hand.
A new phone. Yes. you heard it here first – Renee Cutaia actually wants to upgrade on technology! My phone is on the fritz, but i just cannot justify paying extra money if i have an upgrade coming in August. And hopefully, i can hold out one more month for what has rumored to be the iPhone 5 release. Apparently this is the prediction going around at the moment.
I’m really hoping for the robot arms.

Nashville. Oh my gosh how i miss this place and the people that live there! Not to mention all the great music, food, and coffee available at your disposal. I got to drive through at 2 am and stare at the city…. and it was more of a tease than anything else. I know it sounds simple enough, but over $300 for a 1.5 hr plane ride is a little absurd to me. So i guess i’m holding out until further notice.


the new Bon Iver album. Verdict is still out on if i’m in love or not. i’ve discussed this with Adam Agin and we’re both thrown off by the 80’s sounding vibe (particularly on the last track!) – but listen for yourself and let me know what you think.

Apparently this is the album artwork. I’m not completely sure if that’s true or false.

Lady Antabellum iTunes Sessions. Typically i’m not into country… but i’m a sucker for a good male/female duet. And Lady A delivers every time! I’m loving “Just A Kiss” and they even do a cover of Tom Petty’s “Learnin To Fly” which is just beautiful.

Really good stuff… even if you’re not into country!
We The Culprits. These guys are local (fort myers) and i’ve now seen them twice and own the album. I have to say, they are fab live. They’ve got good stage presence and their sound is not compromised on stage. “Love Songs” is really fun and lively, then “Ballad of the Weary” is…well, a slower ballad. Lots of power behind frontman Josiah Ravish’s voice… he’s always been talented! And i can stay that, because i’ve known him since we were teenagers. but seriously, do yourself a favor and check em out on iTunes.

WTC. Seriously, check em out here
That’s it for now. Just a few things i’m addicted to. We’ll see how long these last 🙂 Happy Summer!