Super Photo Weekend Recap

As a nomad, i don’t typically have ordinary weekends at home. This one was particularly lovely! I got to spend all day Saturday with my friend Alicia (and some other friends, too!). Not to mention, i borrowed the nice camera from my office – so i was snapping away all weekend.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve known Alicia since we were 11.

I just spent 45 minutes looking for this photo from 8th grade of Alicia and i wearing pleather tube tops we bought from Charlotte Russe…. hers was black, mine was hot hot pink.

But i couldn’t find it. and you didn’t notice the 45 minute lapse… so i guess that’s good. But let me tell ya, this photo is a gem. The best part is that we’re wearing short sleeved button up shirts over it, because we had the “two inch” tank top rule.

Sorry, i’m getting really off track. But i’ve known Alicia (or DJ as i like to call her) since 1997, and this is us having a really fun weekend in 2011.

this is much better than the tube tops.

I spent my Friday evening at the softball field, pretty standard. My boys lost and one got injured… and it rained… but hey, it was still a fun night. Then i had a sleepover with Alicia.

There are no photos of the sleepover, and there are also no photos of how we managed to knock over 2 freshly poured glasses of wine on opposite sides of a couch in less than 10 seconds.

One word – talent.

Saturday, we worked out and spent a significant amount of time at the beach. Despite the rain 🙂

Yeah… that’s the storm. We stayed in the water while it blew over 🙂

pre storm 🙂

After the storm passed, we spent a couple more hours in the sun, getting nice and brown. Already, this makes it a perfect Saturday.

Every third Saturday, Downtown Fort Myers hosts a Music Walk. We joined up with a group of people to get some food, a couple drinks, and listen to all sorts of live music! i love it. Downtown is so pretty.

fun group

I love music walk! perfect excuse to get out on a saturday night.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and i got to celebrate with some yummy dinner with my family 🙂

father’s day lovin.
love my daddy!

pretty sunset before the sunday night storm

that was my weekend. how was yours? xo

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