Wanderlust Wednesday: Vegas

I’m not afraid to admit it – i wanna go to Vegas.

I’m also not afraid to admit the reason – kind of just to say i’ve done it 🙂

Plus, it’s dry heat. Which means awesome hair days EVERY DAY.

I’ll have a couple glasses of wine or a few beers, but i’m not a big drinker. I haven’t been to a club in i don’t even know how long. I’ve never gotten married on a whim (and really hope to keep it that way!), and i’ve never gambled more than $20 in one night.

Tripled my money in Reno!!! Ok, so i started with $1 and ended with $3. Still good, right?
Me playing blackjack for 2 hrs…. i only put $10 in! I left with $50, so i’d say it was a success.

That being said, i do love a good game of blackjack. (I never said i was good… i just said i liked it). It’s hard to be such a high roller.

But if you don’t go to Vegas to party your face off and get black out drunk – you go for the pretty lights and the shows. And i intend to see all the shows! I really don’t know what shows there are in Vegas except Cirque du Soleil (which i’m still trying to figure out if it’s as cool as everyone says it is). But plays, concerts, comedy acts…. bring it on. I’ll skip the male review for now 🙂 But i’d love recommendations on what people have done and like to do there.

ALSO! I just learned that Vegas is just this little strip in the middle of nowhere…. and in about an hour, you can take a bus to the grand canyon!

How cool is that? Vegas Perk #217. More than just little white chapels, people.

I’m thinking girls weekend. Viva Las Vegas!


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  1. Vegas is pretty sketchy, but worth doing once (Reminds me of New Orleans/French Quarter in that regard.) Walking through Caesar's Palace is awesome, the iconic fountain show at Bellagio, the new Cosmopolitan hotel is unreal cool, the MGM Grand has live lions you can go see, and it's worth going over to Fremont Street to see the old strip at least one night.

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