DIY Natural Laundry Detergent

So i’ll admit it. I’m kind of becoming a hippie.

Maybe not an actual one, but I’m far too aware of all the chemicals in things we use on a daily basis, which has triggered a change. I’ve been seeking natural alternatives to household products and personal care products.

I started with the detergent because i’ve heard of friends doing this before, and having wonderful results!

It takes about 5 minutes, and what you make last over 6 months. Not to mention it cost me about $8 for all the ingredients.

Some people use Fels-Naptha soap, but I love Dr. Bronner’s everything. Plus it smells amazing! They have lavender, almond, and a bunch of other scents, but we like the peppermint. I also use a cheese grater to shred up the soap. I’ve read about using a food processor, but mine is a little hard to clean, so I don’t want soap bits leftover 🙂

That’s literally it. I put mine in an old Oxy Clean tub and shake it for about 10 seconds to make sure everything is mixed, but you could easily use regular tupperware or any other type of bin. I found that i need about 1/8 cup for a normal wash, 1/4 cup if it’s really large or really dirty. You could mark an old laundry scoop or use a leftover measuring cup you don’t use anymore. 

You could make as large or as small portions of this as you wanted, just stick to the 2 parts Borax, 2 Parts Washing Soda, 1 part grated soap. The baking soda isn’t even completely necessary, but it’s naturally anti bacterial and doesn’t hurt 🙂

Have you ever made your own cleaning supplies before?