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Is Everything Bigger in Texas?

That’s what I’ve heard… but I’ve actually never been! (Unless you count long layover in the Dallas Airport… which I do not).

I’m headed to the San Antonio area for work next week. Only for 3 days, and it will be pretty jam packed with work… not a lot of free time. We’ll be staying near the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, which also happens to be near the Alamo, so I’m sure I’ll at least drive/walk past these sites. 

We’re opting for hotel, after Airbnb for 2 wasn’t as readily available for this trip. We are hoping for an Airbnb to work out for our longer trip (and larger group) in the area, as the “Hill Country” is absolutely gorgeous!

What I’m really interested in is FOOD. And COFFEE. Please share your knowledge on the subject. I’ve done some research, and the only city guide (not provided by the City or Lonely Planet) is this one from 2009. I’d love a more current point of view 🙂 

In search of: the world’s best tex-mex, delicious coffee, farm-to-table vegetables, and of course, any local specialties in the least touristy way possible. Texas, what do you have for me?!

If we had more time (which hopefully we will on our next trip there in April), I’d love to rent bikes and try this trail. Looks like fun! I’d also love to be in town for one of the many farmer’s markets. Since I’ve been researching farms in the area for work, all I’ve seen is beautiful carts of veggies I wish I was eating! Our farmer’s markets are a few months from opening in Nashville, and it can’t come soon enough for this herbivore (yes, I know biologically I am an omnivore. People love to correct me.)

Here’s a few places I have my eye on (according to research & Yelp reviews). Please alert me if I’m making a tiny huge mistake.
Rosealla Coffee – Breakfast also sounds divine.
Local Coffee – Iced Coffee on tap!
Rosario’s – I keep reading about it, so they must be doing tex-mex pretty well.
Green – good lookin’ vegetarian menu… 

Have a great weekend, and please let me know if you have any suggestions! I’ll let you know if everything is as big as they say.