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Packing for Sub Zero Temperatures

I travel a lot for work & it’s a lot of fun! The major reason I travel is for photo shoots… which isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, because they’re always on farms 🙂

It’s a lot of classic pick-ups, horses, barns and wheel barrows. 

Fashion is minimal as we’re outside in the dirt all day, however, I still want to appear professional (enough) & dress appropriately. My typical photo shoot uniform is jeans, v-neck t shirts, thin plaid shirts and my rain boots. The thin long sleeved shirts protect from bad tan lines & add an extra layer on a chilly morning. The rain boots keep my feet dry in muddy areas (or, um… not worry about horse poop on my shoes) and can be rinsed off easily at the end of the day.

one of the models getting a bit friendly!

Up until now, our photo shoots have been in the 60’s-80’s, weather wise. My main concern was wearing light, breathable fabrics so I wouldn’t overheat on long days! But now…. we’re headed into a snow storm to see farm life in the winter. SEND HELP!

Like the other photo shoots, it will be long days outside…. but this time, it’s in the snow and likely sub zero temperatures. I’ve had to pick up a few items to prepare & hopefully prevent freezing my tush off.



Sorel Boots – These are by far the warmest thing I’ve ever worn. Fur lined & completely waterproof. Absolutely incredible. I can be in several inches of snow and stay dry!

Wool Everything – Wool socks, merino wool sweaters (the first 3), wool beanie, wool scarves. Wool is not only warm, but it has moisture wicking properties. This means even if you start to sweat or get wet, the water will be pulled away from your skin & keep you warm. It doesn’t hurt that there are so many cute merino wool sweaters out there! (Check J.Crew, Madewell, etc)

Layers – I am planning on wearing thermal leggings & a thermal vneck top underneath all of my clothing. I’ve never thought jeans were warm on their own, so these will definitely help.

Long Down Jacket – While my snowboarding jacket would keep me very warm and dry, it is only waist length. The extra long down jacket will really help me stay extra warm… which will be necessary!


It’s going to be so pretty… but SO COLD! Any tips for standing out in the snow for 10 hours? Brrrrr.

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