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Santorini Photo Recap

Helloooooooo internet! It’s been a minute. Fall was extremely busy for us (very busy work season, lots of happy occasions like babies & weddings, travel for fun, travel for work, travel for family) – and I just haven’t had the time or energy to get back on the blogging bandwagon! The post about 24 Hours in London is something I wrote in August and honestly just needed to add photos – and I couldn’t put the effort in. Winter has also been busy, but the air is starting to clear a little and I missed my little corner of the internet. Not to mention we went to GREECE in September and I haven’t shared one single photo! That changes right now.

We knew after our first wedding anniversary that we wanted to make it a goal to get to Greece for our 5th anniversary. We started saving money & planning, and although our anniversary is in November, we knew we would try to make the trip in August or September, since November is technically the off season and many things can be closed. I learned this when I studied abroad and we went to Crete in mid/end October and also spent a few days in Santorini, many restaurants and shops were closed as it was the end of the shoulder season, and it was a little chilly! Not full blown cold, but I had ever intention of laying in the sun on this vacation, so I wanted warmth 🙂

We chose the end of August/beginning of September to have Labor Day in there as a buffer, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I think I belong here – it’s an island with year round sunshine (think California weather and temps!), a ton of cute local cats, wineries, and every building is covered in bougainvilleas (the beautiful pink/white paper flowers on vines you’ll see in nearly every photo). I truly love it there. More to come on all of that, but for now, just feast your eyes on the beauty that is Santorini.


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