Yes, i have been a blog slacker. I’m very sorry.

to catch you up – i got a massage. and a hair cut. and a manicure. but to be honest, i look the same. and i feel the same.

but i decided that what i officially want from now on for every birthday and holiday is gift cards to a spa. because spas are the best place… ever.

but i digress.

I had a great weekend. Nothing elaborate. But really great. I’ll do my best to summarize in 10 photos or less.


Killer view on the way to work.

Post work mani with Ang – Shellac #2.
Baby pink is completely out of my normal range – i’m a lincoln park after dark girl for life.

Here’s the color – CND in Rose Bud. I like it! it’s forcing me to be spring-y : )
This photo doesnt really count…. it’s form last year.
But one of my favorite parts about spring Friday Nights – the church Softball league!
I lovingly call it Friday Night Lights, and love going out to cheer the boys on. it’s so fun!


Breakfast with my momma.
First Watch is my favorite breakfast place… that has my least favorite coffee in the world.

we can’t resist a pet store. SO CUTE!!!!!!

A little shopping results in…..
New. Favorite Dress.
$19. Yes please.
Had to get a close up of the pattern. I’m obsessed with this dress!

Speaking of obsessed… Meet Rhyan. I love her.
Love her. And her boyfriends band……

….We The Culprits!
I spent the evening why Rhy and Q and some new friends at the show.
These guys are pretty freaking good. Check em out.


I’m going to spare you another picture from First Watch….. because yes, i went there two days in a row. I love breakfast. and i love First Watch! Luckily i avoided the coffee on day 2. But i did have the same awkward server!

My favorite part of Sunday Funday – post church post lunch POOL TIME 🙂
Boys (and Ashlee!) watched the Masters. The rest of us girls laid by the pool.
I absolutely adore Spring for this reason. It will be too hot soon : /
After we cooked dinner, we watched TRON.
I probably wouldn’t have picked this movie… but i really liked it!

Ok…. so that was 12 photos. But i tried. It was a good weekend. What’d YOU do this weekend? : ) Hope it was great!