5 reasons i might possibly be a real adult?

First of all, this is just funny. and i’m sure we’ve all related at some point
This is why i’ll never be an adult.

sorry for the bad words. but regardless…. it’s pretty funny, right?

i think i’ve always had the notion that everyone else might grow up…. but for some reason, my friends and i were immune. and we would stay 21 forever. but then we turned 22. and 23. and 24…. and finally 25.

so i’m pretty sure my theory is null and void at this point.

but lately….. ive felt very adult like. i’m warning you, these are probably givens for you and most normal people, but apparently i’m late on the adult thing.

1. I got my car washed. 

Without being nagged by my father. This might seem elementary to you, but i hate paying to get it washed. and i hate washing it myself even more. so this is a big step.

2. I stopped biting my nails.

Once again, seems like a no brainer. but i’ve had pretty long nails for the past month or so. somehow i feel like it makes up for the past 24 years. two manicures and i’m a new woman.

3. I wear sun screen.

This, once again, is something i just neglected to do out of laziness. and out of the desire to be more tan than anyone else on earth at all times (which never happened). I’ve worn sun screen every day i’ve gone in the sun and managed to get a ton of compliments on how brown i am. win – win.

4. I have an actual morning routine.

Which sounds stupid. but i used to do my make up and eat breakfast in my car. after i scrambled to get ready quick, probably didn’t do my devotions, and still out the door 5 minutes late. lately i’ve managed to get up, read my bible and eat breakfast, wash and blowdry my hair, do my make up in front of a mirror and still got to work on time. this is a huge improvement. some days i even make a cup of coffee for the drive to work. how mature!

5. I walked out of Target with STORE CREDIT – and managed to make no purchases. Not. One.

I don’t know that it’s ever happened before. I think I’ve finally learned self control. it’s a bargain shopping miracle.

I’m going to go ahead and give myself bonus points for keeping up with my blog. If i start talking about a 401-k or retirement, just slap me.

But tomorrows grown up goal – waking up on the first alarm. not the 5th snooze of the 3rd alarm (that is not a joke. i have a serious snooze problem). WISH ME LUCK!


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  1. 401k's are awesome! Don't worry though, I still don't shower or eat breakfast or even use a car…. oh shoot. I am slowly turning into a hipster aren't I? Opposite of adult. Congrats on the nails and sunscreen, keep it up!

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