This Week In Travel

This Week in Travel Vol. 33

There are so many travel blogs & publications I read on a daily basis! Wanted to share some of my favorite links, articles, info graphics and tips from around the web this week.

Big Sky, MT a few years ago

It’s FREEZING! Is anyone else freezing? There were mini snow flakes covering my car this morning, it looked like Elsa from Frozen had been hanging out near my house last night. 

How was your weekend? We had Matt’s parents in town, so we took them to a few of our favorite places (like Frothy Monkey for breakfast & Arrington Vineyards for some vino). It was nice to have a little visit! 

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a list inspired by Cait at Pretty & Fun, called 101 in 1001. It’s a list of 101 things I want to complete in the next 1001 days (which is a little less than 3 years). It felt really daunting, but I spent a lot of time day dreaming about things I’ve always said I wanted to do or secretly thought about, but haven’t had the motivation to complete. Now, I’ve got a little fire under my butt. I’m excited to work my way through the list. Does anyone want to join me on this adventure?

These chilly temps really have me craving a beach vacation. We’ll be visiting my family in Florida soon, and I told my mom yesterday “it better be warm or I’ll change my flight”. Ok, so I probably wouldn’t do it – but I’d be tempted! Being pale is not my best look.

Any travel plans in your new year so far? Staying warm, I hope?

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