This Week In Travel

This Week in Travel: Vol. 37

After months of anticipation…. I think SPRING IS HERE! Has it arrived for you, yet? 
Growing up in Florida, I never understood the obsession with spring – we went straight from a handful of cool days to boiling hot for 8 months. But now! The trees! The flowers! The longer days! Usually I find it hard to pick a favorite anything – but spring wins in the list of seasons by a long shot.
We’ve had a few quiet months around here. No big trips planned, nothing major going on (except the construction of our garage!) and it’s been pretty nice. I’m turning 30 in just a few weeks and I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! I think it’s such a fun excuse to get friends together, don’t you? And like any other March baby I know, we have no problem making sure our birthdays are extra celebrated 😉 Do you know any March birthdays who are celebration-obsessed?
The sunshine is calling my name, daylight savings time is around the corner, and life feels like it’s back to normal again. I have beach trips on the brain as well – do you have any great warm trips planned?
Hope your week is going well!