This Week In Travel

This Week in Travel: Vol. 39

Hello from NYC! We had quite the start to the trip, which was supposed to begin Friday night, and ended up having a canceled flight and unable to leave until Sunday, which was a bummer. But, trying to remember we have an entire month, and there are worse things in life.

We’ve really hit the ground running and have had a full week now and covered a lot! We’ve walked over 50 miles (i’m not exaggerating!) and only gone the wrong way on the Subway once because we were rushing and not paying attention. 

We’ve hit 5 of the things on my list so far, and have 2 more lined up for this week. Really making progress on that list, which makes me happy! We’ve also been really lucky with weather. A few days have been crazy hot (and we’ve been outside so much), but many days have been gorgeous and breezy. Keep those coming, New York.

Our neighborhood is fun and we’re really settling into the groove and loving every minute. How’s your week going so far?