Ok – so i realize that i haven’t blogged in a while.

I am aware that the majority of my posts prior to my sabbatical were regarding growing up and getting old. But i realized some crazy numbers this past week… and that time is flying by very quickly!

Let’s also note: it is my little sister’s birthday. She’s turning 23. Here is a picture of when she was 3.

Look at those babies!!
Annette on the left. Two Helman girls in the middle. Me on the right.
Everyone in jellies except Liv : )
Guess she’s not so little anymore : (

So if this doesn’t make me feel old enough…. the past 4 years have flown by.

It’s been…..

ONE YEAR SINCE: the Coffee Bar has been open! It’s not my baby anymore! I still remember the first month we were open…. i practically lived behind that counter. My my my how it has changed.

completely bare!
More signage, borders, flavors and over things than you could imagine.

TWO YEARS SINCE: i’ve lived in Fort Myers and worked at Hillgate. two years! me, the girl who REFUSED to sign a two year contract… and wanted something more in the six-month range.

during my first month at Hillgate

THREE YEARS SINCE: i graduated from college. May 3, 2008. How have three years managed to pass by without living in the same city/state as my best friends. Part of me is still waiting for summer to be over so that we can all move back into our house together….

my girls. being all graduated and stuff. it was a great four years together and i love this photo 🙂

FOUR YEARS SINCE: i moved to Nashville! The city that still has half of my heart. and almost 4 years since i studied abroad in London. the city where i left the rest of it.

a favorite coffee shop in Nash 🙂

my street in London. covered in snow 🙂

Ah. Life is moving quick. I need to make that bucket list soon.