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This Week in Travel: Vol. 43

inside a cute cafe in Copenhagen

Hello hello! I’m back in action after the stomach flu took me down with intense force. I haven’t had a bug like that in a long time and I forgot how little energy you have. 
In more exciting news, Matt and I have applied for Global Entry and have our interviews in a couple of weeks! We’re really excited to get this line-skipping party started. We have an international trip at the end of March, so I’m hoping 8 weeks is a quick enough time to get approved. That would be amazing! Do you have Global Entry? How quickly did you get approval? 
Is everyone else having a weird winter? It’s been in the teens one day and nearly 70* the next. No wonder everyone I know is getting sick! But this warmer weather makes me want to put my sweaters away and wear dresses again (because I’m not even a little cold). What’s your winter been like? Any pretty snow days?

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