Top Posts from 2014… & What to Expect in 2015!

2014 was a great year. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into blogging, and it really means so much to every single person who takes the time to read what I’ve written – so thank you! It really really means the world to me.

Sanibel Island, FL

A quick review of this wonderful year, with the top 10 posts!

#10 – Packing For Chicago in the Fall. I’ve been to Chicago in every single season, so many times (that’s what happens when your best friend lives there!). In my opinion, it’s one of the easier places to pack light for (and I used to overpack like CRAZY). 

#9 – 10 Things You Should Know About Your Cruise. I went on my 8th cruise this year… so take it from someone who has made every cruise mistake in the book. 

#8 – 48 Hours in Rome. Ah, Roma. Everyone loves her 🙂 If you’re going, check out Basilica San Clemente!

#7 – Cruise Related Outfit Posts. A guide for men, women & how to mix & match (similar to Packing Math).

#6 – Protect Your Home While on Vacation. An eye opener! We’ve had our home broken into, and I’d love for you to give this a read, even if you feel safe (we did & still do!) because it can happen to anyone & it’s a HASSLE. 

#5 – 48 Hours in Cinque Terre. It’s pure eye candy if you haven’t checked it out yet!

#4 – Save Money on Round Trip Flights (By Booking One Ways). This has saved us money so.many.times. Give it a shot on your next trip. 

#3 – Packing for Italy in the Fall. This is something I personally searched for and found very little about! As a first timer visiting Italy, I wanted to know about the climate and style. 

#2 – How to Pack Light & Always Carry On. Carrying on is really a lifestyle. It’s my starter guide to slimming down that suitcase with some practical tips!

#1 – Packing Math. Who knew some simple multiplication would make your packing woes disappear?

Cabin in Lake Chelan, WA

Now…. moving on from 2014, onto 2015! Here’s what you should expect on Avec Amour moving forward. 

  • More packing list/outfit guides. These were extremely popular and I believe are helpful to everyone. The great thing about them is the visual can give you a “basic idea”, even if our styles are different. 
  • More money saving tips. I am ALL about stretching my dollar as far as possible for the sake of having wonderful experiences. I’ve traveled on a minuscule budget, and believe you can, too.
  • More city guides. These will come from me & from other contributing writers. Just because I haven’t been there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear about what makes a new place great.
  • More frequent flyer information as it comes available. With all of the changes the airlines are making for 2015, I’ll keep you in the loop of what it means for you.
  • More about LONDON! It’s my favorite place and I lived there for a time. I realized I’m always emailing friends a list of to-do’s while they are in the UK, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t be easily available to you!
  • More healthy traveler tips. I realized that traveling became an excuse for me this year, and I refuse to let that happen again! There’s no reason you can’t make healthy choices & get a little exercise on the go. So join me in making better choices on the road 🙂

If there’s anything you would LIKE to see on here, PLEASE send me an e-mail or Tweet, and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Who is ready to travel & conquer the world in 2015? I AM! More on goals, bucket lists & the new year tomorrow! 

PS – My review of my travels in 2013.