The Resolution Revolution

To Resolve. Seems a bit daunting, doesn’t it? There’s something about the term “New Year’s Revolutions” that i’ve never liked. I’m all for betterment of self, making changes, and getting a clean slate. However, i just don’t think that the new year makes me what to instantly do all of those things. To Resolve: to… Continue reading The Resolution Revolution

Top 5 Gifts that Give Back

Christmas Presents. I just spent 5 hours shopping, spent more money than i want to talk about, and i am still not done shopping for Christmas presents. Don’t get me wrong – i LOVE giving gifts. I would actually rather spend all my money on my friends and family then get something for myself. However,… Continue reading Top 5 Gifts that Give Back

Hurrication: Part III

2005: Katrina and Wilma Like i said earlier, Katrina hit us as a mere tropical storm (Floridian translation: typical summer rainstorm with a little extra wind). We almost couldnt believe that the same storm we walked through the middle of to get to class, ended up causing so much damage. In October, PBA got a… Continue reading Hurrication: Part III

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Hurrication: Part II

September 2004: Hurricane Frances (and consequently Jeanne, and Ivan… and later Karl).  It was 3 weeks into college, and only 2 days after our labor day weekend holiday, that we were alerted that Palm Beach Atlantic University would be evacuated in the anticipation of Hurricane Frances. In the true college spirit, one of the guys… Continue reading Hurrication: Part II

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The Invention of Hurrication

***Hurricane Katrina, known to the East Coast of Florida as Tropical Storm Katrina, was just another rain cloud that passed us by. It took place during our Welcome Week at School, and i still mourn for the families that endured the treacherous storm as it passed through the gulf and landed in Louisiana. I have… Continue reading The Invention of Hurrication

I’m really bad at blogs.

So…. i’ve successfully started and deleted 5 blogs in the last 12 months. 1 random wordpress blog, 1 joint blog with friends, 3 tumblr, I think that’s a little out of control. I’m hoping that a new fresh blogger account will be my inspiration…. Let’s see if i can stick with this one. My main… Continue reading I’m really bad at blogs.