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How to Use Passbook On Your iPhone For Travel

Leaving for Chicago in just a few hours – I can’t wait! 

I checked in for my flight last night and had a revelation – I use an app for every trip that I think most people ignore.

Now, if you’re a human and you own an iPhone, you’re probably annoyed with the handful of apps you’re FORCED to have on your phone (Stocks! Why do I need this??!?). However, I’m here to tell you about the one I LOVE and how it makes traveling easier.

Enter: Passbook. 

I know a lot of you have never used Passbook before, and you’re definitely not alone! It’s a breezy way to get organized for any upcoming travel, and it’s been a huge help to me. 
1 – Flights
We live in a digital age — why are we still printing boarding passes?

Most major airline have apps available. Create a frequent flyer number, download their app and login. You can change your seats, check in – and voila! – obtain your boarding pass. 

Click “ADD” in the top right corner and it will be auto saved into Passbook.

You can change your settings (use that “i” button at the bottom right), but mine is set to pop up on my home screen automatically beginning two hours prior to my flight. So security checkpoint & boarding the plan are really simple and there’s no searching through your phone when your place comes up in line.

2 – Lodging 
Airbnb as well as some major hotels (Starwood is an example) give the option to download & save your itinerary to Passbook. 

This includes all of your check in/check out times, location and any instructions you might need.

3 – Events
Fandango, Ticketmaster, MLB, and LivingSocial all work hand in hand with Passbook. When traveling for a concert (like this weekend!) my Ticketmaster purchase was ready to go. No worries if I left the tickets at home or still had the confirmation in my email.

Passbook allows you to tweak each “app” within it to decide when you want it to pop up. For example, turn it off so your Starbucks or Sephora cards don’t pester you every time you’re within 50 ft of a mall. But I love the ease of having my boarding pass ready to go at all times on busy travel days!

Learn more about Passbook here.

Well… I’m off to the airport for the first time in almost a month. Think they missed me?

Do you use Passbook or any other travel apps?