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A Praise Chorus

I really do love visiting Ashley in Chicago. Always something fun and different to do, but it’s full of favorites that I could always go back to. 

We lucked out with pretty great weather – high 50’s most of the weekend, sunshine, and a nice breeze! Everything I packed worked out great. I brought 1 jacket instead of 2 and it was the right decision. I so LOVE having a light suitcase!

We had high tea at a place called Soho House. It’s a member’s only club that started in the UK and has locations all over the world. The bottom level is for us commoners so we were able to enjoy some tea & cakes 🙂 We were also able to go to the member’s only area because Ashley has a friend on the board! It was a really fun thing to be able to do. I love pretending I’m fancy.

Waiting for our tea!

The reason for the trip and the true highlight – Jimmy Eat World! They were playing the album “Futures” all the way through and it certainly did not disappoint. I mean seriously – seeing your favorite band, play your favorite album, with your favorite female (aka best friend)…. I don’t know if it gets much better! 

Hey, Jim!

Me, Ash & Melissa at the show!

 They also did TWO encores that featured some less commonly played songs. It was so fun and you could tell they were having a great time interacting with fans that love them! It was so great we are considering hitting up a show closer to home…
The first sold out show of the tour!

Any other Jimmy fans out there? Definitely catch this tour if you can!!!

We also ate some really delicious food. Here are a few to try if you’re in Logan Square/Wicker Park.

Billy Sunday: All I have to say about Billy is make sure you get the relish tray & a side of their breads. You won’t regret it.

Trike: Thai food delivered to your door. What’s not to like? The portions were huge and I wish I would have saved half for later (rather than letting it sit out and be wasted!). I’ll be back here.

Reno: We’ve eaten here once before, but what I love about Reno is that they have tons of creative sandwiches & pizzas… and suggests adding an egg to everything so I’m definitely on board! They have a nice patio on the square so it’s great people watching. Please note that they’re cash only.

The Winchester: We brunched here and enjoyed their outdoor patio. I’d take advantage of that if the weather allows. Also, they serve Metric Coffee, a newer roaster in Chicago that happens to be quite tasty!

L’Patron: Also cash only. But extremely cheap and TASTY! Vegetarian taco of the day?! Sign me up! This was also a repeat but it’s a good “fast” food option that tastes great. 

There are so many places to eat and drink in that area, so pick one and give it a shot!

Another Chicago weekend on the books. I don’t know when I’ll be back but I’m already looking forward to it! We had such a good time and I love eating my way around the city with Ash.

For all the Jimmy fans… here’s the video I took during my favorite song, “23” – it’s the full song, so enjoy! Definitely not the best camera work (I was trying to enjoy the song LIVE while I was there and film at the same time… so forgive my questionable frames, angles, etc!)

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