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How to Choose an Airbnb in Cinque Terre, Italy

We are getting SO excited for our anniversary trip to Italy! 
When we decided to do this trip, we planned on finding a mix of hotels & Airbnb apartments. We didn’t find any hotels we thought were worth it, so it’s four Airbnb flats around Italy for us! We absolutely LOVE Airbnb, so I’m definitely not complaining.
Our first stop is Cinque Terre. 
We’re flying into Genoa and taking a train to Cinque Terre for our first two days. Cinque Terre is made up of five little villages on the coast. Our plan while we’re there is to hike along the trails and to enjoy the charming coastline. 
map via
Unlike Rome & Florence, full of relics, statues and cathedrals to see, Cinque Terre IS the sight (at least in my opinion!) I’m really looking forward to starting our trip off with some old fashioned exploring.
Now, let’s talk accommodation. With the quaint vibes of Cinque Terre, I wasn’t expecting the Four Seasons experience. I’m very much looking forward to the cozy experience Cinque Terre has to offer! Here’s what we considered in finding our Airbnb apartment in Cinque Terre.
Private Room or Entire Home
Previously when using Airbnb, we choose the “Entire Home” route. However, in Italy, guesthouses are very common. You have en suite bathrooms and mini kitchens (coffee & tea with a small fridge), so you really don’t need much more. Think about what you want and need from an apartment and if you want to pay a premium for the entire home.
little mini kitchen in a CT apartment (it was booked for our dates!) via
Cinque Terre itself is very small. No matter where you are, there are busses back and forth between the towns often and takes 10-15 minutes max. Location really is relative here, and I think the next point is more important than ACTUAL location 🙂
Room With A View
With gorgeous coastline abounding, how could you not pick a place with a view & a patio to enjoy it?
This is the view from our apartment! I imagine myself polishing off a bottle of wine after hiking the coast all day. 
We searched through a wide range of budget because often times you can find some gems for less! 
Here are a few other views we were interested in:
sadly this one wasn’t available for our dates! via


This one unfortunately was only available for a single person. via


This one was twice the price of ours – so I think we made the right decision! via
Everyone is different & wants different things in their accommodation. For me, I’m reeeeeeeally trying to pack light for this trip (this is my backpack for 10 days!), so I’m thinking of what I can leave behind. I really don’t want to carry a blow dryer, but know I’ll need it once or twice – so we chose a location with a hair dryer and other essentials. 
Another essential we wanted was wifi so we were able to look up local shops, restaurants, and information on public transportation. Although almost all Airbnb locations seem to have wifi, it’s still good to make sure!
If you have a question about what amenities your location has, always feel free to message the host. The Airbnb community is extremely nice & they can fill you in!
Always read the reviews. You’ll be able to tell quickly if one person was disgruntled, or if the host is quick to put out fires. The nicest of places might some with a bad apple of a host, so you’ll want that information to help you decide where to book.
I’m so excited to get there and settle into our little apartment for a few days!
Have you ever used Airbnb before? If not, check it out! It’s one of my favorite ways to travel! If you’re a first time Airbnb’er, use this link to sign up – you’ll get $40 off your first booking (and we’ll get $25, too!)
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