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Organized or OCD?

Quality of life is important. 

somewhere along the California coast in 2010

In my opinion, quality of life is not determined by having the most luxurious things, but by being creative with your time & money, and of course by using things to your advantage. Something that really contributes to my quality of life (personally) is being organized.

You might think it’s OCD that I have arranged my spice cabinet by “savory”, “sweet”, and “everyday use”.

You really might think that if you knew there was a typed list taped in the cabinet showcasing what seasonings are available and in which category. However, I just think it’s good sense (I’m becoming more like Monica every single day).

You also might think all of my crazy travel organizing tips are OCD, but once again I’m here to tell you it’s MORE than good sense – it’s essential to keeping your luggage light and still having everything you need when you travel.

Packing light helps, because I’m not lugging around useless stuff all the time. I’ve also talked about “extras” that really help my trip run smoothly. And finally, multi use items like toiletries that you can use for several occasions and keep that bag light.

With that said – here are a few ways I stay organized on the road.

Packing Cubes 

I’ve mentioned packing cubes before, but I can’t give them enough credit. They are to thank for the large change in my luggage bulk. They make organizing SO MUCH EASIER and I know that two can fit in my bag… so I’m not tempted to choose any other clothing. I have these that work great with my backpack. I also love these for my small rolling suitcase.

Shoe Covers

I always thought these were kind of silly until one was included in my Ikea packing cube set. I can easily fit 3 pairs of shoes in there and it keeps dirt off my clothing. They’ve become another favorite and helps keep my suitcase extremely organized. These are great, too.

Jewelry Organizer

I’ve been on the search for one of these for over a year and I finally found one at TJ Maxx about three months ago. It rolls up very small and most times fits inside my shoe bag, but can also open up to lay flat on top. This is so much better than the dozen plastic bag route I’d been using previously. Here’s a really similar one for a great price!


Last week I wrote about Passbook being my iPhone organization central. Keeping all of your tickets & bookings in one place! Read all about it here. Best of all, it’s completely free.

I always feel the need to get more organized in the fall. It could be the Monica in me. After all, the woman did have 8 different categories of towels.

Do you use packing cubes or jewelry organizers? Think I’m insane or OCD? Or perhaps not organized enough? 🙂 Comment below on your travel organizing tips!

PS – Did you hear that Netflix will start carrying FRIENDS on Jan 1? This doesn’t mean much to me since I have the series box set (and every episode memorized if I’m being honest). Also, I don’t actually have Netflix. But I’m really excited for everyone else!

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