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Packing for Chicago in the Fall

Tomorrow I’m going to CHICAGO!!!!

I’ve been to Chicago many times in the fall. Well, I guess I’ve been there many times in general. 

Ashley moved there in 2009 & I love visiting her. When I lived in Florida, visiting in the Fall was my escape from the heat & Chicago held the promise of crisp weather and colorful trees. Oh, and the chance to wear all of my SCARVES 🙂

Apple picking, October 2011

Park hangs in 2010

Taking in the beauty everywhere!
My previous October visits were focused on Chicagoween, but this trip is even more exciting: seeing Jimmy Eat World play FUTURES all the way through. It’s my favorite album… I’m so excited! This will be my third Jimmy show, and my second with Ash. 

I told Matt when we got married, that even if Jimmy Eat World was playing ONE Futures show all the way through and it was on the North Pole… I was definitely going. Lucky for me (and for our bank account), it’s just in Bloomington (2 hours away from Chicago). I can’t wait!
Last Jimmy show about a year ago!
This trip holds a concert, a conference, a few travel days, brunches, cheering on the Chicago Marathon runners, and I’m sure several strolls around the city with coffee over the next 4 days.

With Italy in a few weeks I’m really trying to practice packing exxxxxxxxtra slim. The less the better! 

There are some great layering options here so I can work with the chilly nights and nicer days. I’m not sure the mittens or beanie are completely necessary, but both of these are lighter in weight and are good fall accessories to change up my look.

Much more mild than I expected…. but I’ll take it! The weather in Nashville has been on & off. I’m excited for some nice breezy fall weather – my favorite! It’s hot coffee & scarf weather. YAY!

Is anyone running the Marathon? We’ll be out there cheering for you on Sunday! Is anyone else going to a Jimmy show? They’re my favorite! If you have a chance, definitely see them live… it’s a good time.

See you soon, Ash! 🙂 xo

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  1. I love you too! In a couple years she wont come with so much baggage 😉 anytime I see parents traveling with kids I feel like they're superheroes:)

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