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Packing for New York & London in the Spring

I was so hopeful when planning our trip to New York & London, that I wouldn’t need my puffy jacket. It was looking pretty good… except New York kept getting colder and colder as the forecast crept in before our trip. We were looking at high 30’s/low 40’s and RAIN. Yuck! However, London was looking lovely with mid 50-60’s and sunshine! I was so torn. I asked my friend Casey if she thought I should bring it, and she convinced me I should. Boy, am I glad I did, even if we were only in New York Friday-Monday. I would have been frozen.

Here’s what was in my bag!

NYC & London in spring

Grey Old Navy Boyfriend T –  Franko Sarto BootiesBlack NikeRipped Black Skinny JeansFingerless GlovesCrossbody Bag Madewell BackpackStriped Shirt Green Jacket – White Cowl Sweatshirt

The puffy jacket and beanie were strictly for New York’s freezing rain. I didn’t take my coat off the entire weekend! Luckily, London was gorgeous and t-shirts with a light jacket were more than enough for most days. It wasn’t quite dress weather, but it was so nice to be able to leave the puffy coat in the hotel.

The question here is – was the puffy jacket worth it? I had to carry it with me on the plane, but it was absolutely worth it. I even was able to stuff it into my suitcase on the flight back home, which is a miracle, because I bought a few new pieces when we were in London.

I’ve preached a lot about leaving the “what if” items at home, and I still agree with that. Less than 40 degrees anywhere in the world, I would have brought my puffy coat. I was just trying to be conservative because it was a small portion of the trip. However, without it, I would have been miserable.

My little lightweight green jacket was a major power player on this trip! As was my floral scarf. These two blocked any wind, but weren’t heavy knit, so I wasn’t sweating when the sun came out.

I also love my little black Nike’s I recently picked up for a steal. I don’t know if I can totally pull off the athleisure trend, but black Nike’s are definitely more sleek than my bright blue Brooks running shoes 🙂 Pro Tip I learned from my friend Tracie: kids shoes run up through women’s sizes, they are just 2 sizes “smaller”. So a Kid’s 6 is the same as a Women’s 8 (just like Men’s shoes). I got these Nike’s in the kids section, and they happened to be on sale, so I paid less than $20 for them! They were retailing around $80 for the women’s pair I’d had my eye on, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger – so glad I waited!