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This Week in Travel: Vol. 36

How’s everyone’s week been? 
We’re back from the sunshine state, although it wasn’t quite as warm as I was hoping. I think I’m about 1% more than than I was before I left, so I’ll take what I can get. 🙂 
After epic snow fall last week in Nashville, we’re back to normal weather, at least for a few days. We’ve had snow, rain, tornados, wind, sun, heat, cold and everything in-between this winter – I think El Nino is really having fun this time around.
I picked up a few air plants on my trip to Florida, because I couldn’t get on board with paying for them – they’re literally laying all over the ground near my parents house. I found two stuck on a twig, so it was all ready to go. Yes, you can pack plants in a carry on – as long as you’re not leaving the country 🙂
Speaking of carry on’s and Florida, I was thinking about doing a packing list for winter in Florida. Even though I lived there my whole life, I wanted to pack dresses and shorts only, but with some days in the 40’s-50’s I knew I couldn’t do that! It’s hard to pack for mixed weather, so I think I’ll share what I did (after a few packs & repacks).
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week and a happy February!

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  1. I was baffled when our friends from Toronto told us Cuba is a regular vacation destination for Canadians! I always just assumed no one was getting in. Speaking of which I need to renew my passport!

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