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Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

This year in Italy will be my 4th Thanksgiving celebrated off American soil. Even though it’s weird celebrating a specifically American holiday abroad, it’s still really fun! Especially if you’re able to celebrate with other ex-pats or travelers, because it’s a bonding experience 🙂 

We like traveling over Thanksgiving because we can take longer trips while still taking minimal days off of work (yes, we’re self employed… which means if we’re not working, we’re definitely not making any money! 😉

Valetta, Malta. 2007.

When I studied abroad, I took a 10 day trip with Sharyn that we named The Trip of the Century – 4 countries in a week and a half. 

Our last stop was Malta, and it also happened to be over Thanksgiving. In lieu of turkey, we dined on rabbit – a traditional Maltese feast. I don’t remember much about the way it tasted, but I’m pretty sure it was one of the last non-vegetarian meals I ate.

London, England. 2008.

I moved back to London after I graduated from college, and I started babysitting for an American family who had recently relocated to the UK. They hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner & party, complete with a live stream of the parade, since we were 6 hours ahead of NYC 🙂

Ixtapa, Mexico. 2013.

My hair was straight when we arrived…. humidity took over by dinner! 😉

For our anniversary celebration last year, Matt and I decided to skip town and get some sunshine. Capella – aka, our happy place – was the perfect place to have a dual celebration in a non-traditional way; we dined on fresh fish caught in that bay behind us. Pescetarians rejoice. 

This year we’ll be in Florence probably eating wine exclusively for Thanksgiving dinner 🙂 I’m definitely not complaining! 

Holidays are special any way you make them… if you’re away from home, you can still celebrate! If you’re traveling by yourself, make friends & turn it into a reason to party! Holidays abroad are really fun and memorable.

Have you ever spent a holiday abroad? 

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