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Packing Math

Nobody likes math. Everyone likes lighter suitcases.

This is the kind of equation I can get behind.

Packing math

95% of my Italy packing list includes things that easily mix & match. The burgundy pants clash pretty badly with the red tartan shirt, but that’s my only clash. I justify the pants because they add a pop of color to plain colored tops & mix it up from boring jeans! I could even potentially wear the yellow cardigan over the tartan shirt as well… but we’ll see how it looks in my trial run packing experiment this weekend! All I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR PACKING CUBES!

The beauty of accessories is how much they can change your look. The black boots are more sleek for dinners and nicer areas. The brown are more casual. Also, the leather jacket can add a certain edge OR sophistication to an outfit, depending on what I do with jewelry or shoes! 

We’re only going to be gone for 10 days, but this list would give me plenty of options for over a month. 

Add, subtract, multiply & divide. Who says math can’t be fun?

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