Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

This year in Italy will be my 4th Thanksgiving celebrated off American soil. Even though it’s weird celebrating a specifically American holiday abroad, it’s still really fun! Especially if you’re able to celebrate with other ex-pats or travelers, because it’s a bonding experience 🙂 We like traveling over Thanksgiving because we can take longer trips while… Continue reading Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight in Coach

If I flew First Class, I wouldn’t be writing this post… because it’s amazing up there. But since I’m a normal person, just praying I don’t have to sit by the bathroom, let’s talk about the best way to endure a long haul flight in coach. I haven’t taken a transatlantic flight in a couple… Continue reading How to Survive a Long Haul Flight in Coach

How to Travel for FREE

via Free flights? Yes, please. The answer? Frequent flyer miles. It might take a little time & effort, but signing up for frequent flyer miles is definitely worth it! Even if you aren’t completely loyal to one airline (like me!), the miles add up… especially when taking cross country or international flights. You might not… Continue reading How to Travel for FREE