Yes, i have been a blog slacker. I’m very sorry. to catch you up – i got a massage. and a hair cut. and a manicure. but to be honest, i look the same. and i feel the same. but i decided that what i officially want from now on for every birthday and holiday… Continue reading Slacker.

Birthday Sangria!

I turned 25. and survived đŸ™‚Sunday, my actual birthday, was the perfect day. However, i didn’t really take any pictures. but here are a couple from Saturday. Birthday girls by the pool on Saturday. Where i spent the majority of the weekend. Pink Champagne in my Birthday Girl wine glass that Ang got me for my 24th,… Continue reading Birthday Sangria!

All the Rage: Shellac

“i swear, the manicure last for 14 days” ….. you understand my eye roll when i first heard that. Maybe for a normal person. One who doesn’t bite their nails. I don’t get a lot of manicures, because i hate my nails! But i finally did it – stopped biting for an entire month. and grew… Continue reading All the Rage: Shellac

song lyrics evoke honesty.

Posting song lyrics on social media and blogs can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, good lyrics just happen to sound depressing or angry or some other type of emotion i promise i’m not feeling – somtimes they’re just good lyrics. I would hate for people to think that any song lyrics were a cry for… Continue reading song lyrics evoke honesty.

Current Addictions!

I’m blaming this on the jetlag – but i don’t know that i actually have anything of substance to post. I posted a belated Wanderlust article earlier today (that i thought i had posted 2 weeks ago – making it even more belated), and i’m already 2 weeks behind on the WW’s… and i don’t… Continue reading Current Addictions!

bloggy blogs

As i’ve recently found out, at least 5 people read my blog. yay! So since i’ve got 4 or more people to entertain… i guess i’ll keep writing. I thought i’d give a shout out to the other blogs I enjoy. These are usually what you can find me reading in the evenings or on… Continue reading bloggy blogs