Birthday Sangria!

I turned 25. and survived đŸ™‚Sunday, my actual birthday, was the perfect day. However, i didn’t really take any pictures. but here are a couple from Saturday. Birthday girls by the pool on Saturday. Where i spent the majority of the weekend. Pink Champagne in my Birthday Girl wine glass that Ang got me for my 24th,… Continue reading Birthday Sangria!

All the Rage: Shellac

“i swear, the manicure last for 14 days” ….. you understand my eye roll when i first heard that. Maybe for a normal person. One who doesn’t bite their nails. I don’t get a lot of manicures, because i hate my nails! But i finally did it – stopped biting for an entire month. and grew… Continue reading All the Rage: Shellac


I love birthdays. I don’t know when exactly this birthday fasination started… But I love them. And i’m lucky, i get to share mine with one of my best friends! Which means we’ve gotten to make a big deal of our birthdays since we started celebrating together… when we were 19. Which is the only… Continue reading Birthdays

song lyrics evoke honesty.

Posting song lyrics on social media and blogs can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, good lyrics just happen to sound depressing or angry or some other type of emotion i promise i’m not feeling – somtimes they’re just good lyrics. I would hate for people to think that any song lyrics were a cry for… Continue reading song lyrics evoke honesty.

Current Addictions!

I’m blaming this on the jetlag – but i don’t know that i actually have anything of substance to post. I posted a belated Wanderlust article earlier today (that i thought i had posted 2 weeks ago – making it even more belated), and i’m already 2 weeks behind on the WW’s… and i don’t… Continue reading Current Addictions!