New Thing Poppin’

In 1999, Nae Nae was my nickname (some people still keep the dream alive).In 2014, Nae Nae is something to be dropped. What’s even crazier is I dance just like these guys??!? 🙂 I guess this is how Dougie felt. What an honor! What’s great about this dance is that you really get to do… Continue reading New Thing Poppin’

Snow in September?

Last week I woke up to a text message from Matt (I was still in Seattle, he in Nashville) that said “My parent’s deck this morning” – followed by this crazy picture: It was September 11th. SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!  Crazy talk. Especially to those of us who grew up with nothing by fantasies of snow dusted Christmas… Continue reading Snow in September?

for the (music) lovers…

When I moved to Nashville, the thing that changed the most was my accessibility to music. Love ya, Fort Myers – but you always made me drive to Orlando for shows! The other thing that changed is how many talented people I’m surrounded by. I have so many friends who can play instruments, sing, write… Continue reading for the (music) lovers…

Five on Friday

Here are 5 things that made my week awesome. I hope you enjoy!1 – New Music My friends Steph and Tim are this gorgeous couple – plus they’re incredible musicians. They just released their first EP today called “Love is a Legend”. Their band’s name is Copperlily, and they’re amazing! Check it out here.2 –… Continue reading Five on Friday

First Anniversary

A year ago, this happened For some reason, my favorite pictures from our wedding are the candid ones. Probably because i’m better at acting normal than trying to pose 🙂 I was going to write a long story, but i am truly no expert and I won’t know if my advise is any good until… Continue reading First Anniversary

An Autumn Playlist

There are seasons in Tennessee, which I greatly appreciate about it. Florida never afforded me reasons to wear scarves or build bonfires, so I’m into it. Cambridge in the Fall. You should go sometime. I’m all about music that fits the mood, and fall has it’s own special mood. It’s not quite the holidays, but… Continue reading An Autumn Playlist